Vishnu Padmanabhan

I am a software engineer with with a decade of experience in the field of software development. Along my career, I have worked with big multinational corporations and also for startups and mid level companies. I have been fortunate enough to take up different roles starting as a designer and then transitioning to a frontend and fullstack developer.

I love being involved in tech and spend time reading many tech articles. I love writing too. My articles touch various different topics including but not limited to tech. Music is a life force for me and I love listening to a wide range of musical genres.

I reside in Bangalore with my family and am a city guy. Apart from this I love making long journeys on road. I love driving as well.

I have had an on and off relationship with blogging. But this one was started so that I'll stick to it! I write sometimes about programming, other times about other things in life. Not too complex stuff though!