“I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.”
- Albert Einstein

Sometimes, stay still

There are those moments in a fast paced life, when you just pause for a moment and wonder where you are headed to. You look back few years. Maybe 5 or 10 and cannot figure out how you ended up where you are now. Rewind few years, you start remembering all the dreams and expectations you had from your life. Few became reality, a bunch still remain dream. There is a slight panic in your heart, thinking where have you ended up. But it is okay, for few of us, life starts late. We learn through our experiences and this takes up sometime. Now we move forward to implement that wisdom into our life.

We are so engrossed in the ups and downs of our life that we never stop and look around us. The universe has given us endless possibilities, maybe we haven’t yet realised it. But at times, we need to be with ourselves, we need to be still. Take a break and let our mind do the work. Get our course corrected. In the days where we are bogged down with daily tension at work and home, somewhere we need to realise that our life can serve a bigger purpose, the purpose of living for yourself. The purpose of respecting yourself and keeping yourself happy.

Respect yourself

Take some time off for yourself. Look at yourself with self-respect, not with the ever judging eyes of the crowd around you. There are hundred mouths that will talk ill of you, try to bring you down. But you be your strength. You be your motivator, because very few really care. Train yourself to be that great one. Nothing but knowledge rules the world. Respect yourself enough to make yourself into a wise person and to have others respect you. What you are and what you end up being, are all end results of your actions.

Do not restrict yourself from having fun and enjoying life. If not now then when. There is no tomorrow. It is today.

Be wise. Be empathetic. Be helpful. Be hungry for knowledge.