Everybody has certain things that they wish they could be or do. The average statistical measure of individuals who are doing what they love is fractional. Why is this? There are number of arguments including lack of resources etc. But if you drill down, the core reasons are as follows:

  • Fear of change
  • Fear of leaving comfort zone
  • Fear of uncertainty
  • Lack of confidence
  • Expecting a miracle
  • Too many things to do at once

These are just few of the things that hold us back from doing what we love. Though all these feelings are real, they can be overcome. Even in tough times, finding motivation is not impossible. Then how to do it?

To overcome the above stated issues, it takes perseverance. Here are few things that might help:

Find your reason

Everything you want has a purpose behind it. Remind yourself of this purpose everyday. Write it down and post it in your workstation where you can see it all the time. Any time you see yourself procrastinating, remind yourself of your purpose.

Bring positivity

Negativity brings inertia. Bring in positive thoughts every moment of your life. This helps you in seeing things different. Also help you to turn around a tough situation into a favourable one. Create time: No more complaining about lack of time. Strip off all those unproductive hours from your schedule and focus on the task. You’ll see that 24 hours are more than enough.

Break up your goals

When you look at your goals, they might seem overwhelming. You look at where you are now and where you need to go, it seems a long way. But try breaking up your goals into smaller chunks of tasks. This would make you feel confident and helps you in accomplishing them.


Take help from a friend or family member who would push you. This person should support you and not let you procrastinate at all. Start right now: Take action right now. Look at the things you need to do in next 10 minutes and do them. It wouldn’t seem so hard at all!

Always remember that life is going to be great. All things must pass.