Here are 29 things I’ve learned in life (may add more as I grow wiser!):

  1. Care for yourself. Not everyone matter.
  2. Don’t wait for things to come to you. Go behind them.
  3. Take risks early.
  4. It’s worth having two good friends rather than hundred fake ones.
  5. Time is extremely valuable.
  6. Getting up early has benefits.
  7. Unlike what people say, money matters.
  8. Love with all your heart.
  9. Health is extremely important.
  10. If plans don’t work, chill.
  11. Move on.
  12. Adopt a pet.
  13. Parents are always there for you.
  14. Do things without expecting anything back.
  15. Ignore haters.
  16. Don’t take shit from anyone.
  17. Stop being a puppet.
  18. Go on long drives.
  19. Blog or do a podcast.
  20. Improve your communication.
  21. Don’t be over connected.
  22. Jealousy kills.
  23. If you want it, you’ll get it.
  24. Be the smartest in your circle.
  25. Never stop learning.
  26. Appreciate others.
  27. Have gratitude.
  28. Don’t put things for tomorrow.
  29. You are the best!