“Imperfections are not inadequacies; they are reminders that we’re all in this together.”
- Brené Brown

Life is a good teacher, but there are things that you refuse to learn. That’s what makes you human. Your inability to get over your heart and learn lessons is what separates you from a self-learning AI software. If you, like machines, listen to the CPU embedded in your brains, you wouldn’t take a second chance, you wouldn’t trust your instincts and trust wouldn’t have any meaningful existence for you.

There is no point ridiculing someone’s inability to learn from mistakes. You make the same mistake trusting something or someone. Your basic instinct. Trust. Expectation. Hope. Waking up in the morning thinking that the day is going to be great. Even when things turn bad, these are the feelings that keep you going. Even when you lose someone or something, having that feeling that your life is going to be fair to you.

It is okay to be imperfect. Your imperfections make you human. Perfection is expected only from machines that act as slaves to the great creative minds that created them. Even those creative minds are not perfect. Human beings always need support. Your strength comes through your intellect. What you lack in strength or sensory skills compared to other species, you make up in our rational thinking. Your thinking is shaped by the experiences and environment around you.

This is why you need to be careful before you pass judgements. Your judgements are based on the path you have taken and the road you’ve been through. Does this make you worthy enough to judge? Your clear thinking might be a result of the comfortable life that you might be leading now and the success that you are enjoying. The same cannot be said about the person next to you. They deserve the same right to be imperfect. To take a second chance, to trust their instinct and to expect.

Expectation. Some say it’s not good to expect. That might be an imperfection. But we embrace it. Expectation reduces joy. Some say. But without expectation, life turn meaningless. Without expectation, nothing moves forward. There is no fuel for your life. Do not give up on expectations. Keep them close to you. Understand that bringing those expectations to reality is in part your effort. Get up and get going. Expect more and be more imperfect.

“Have no fear of perfection - you’ll never reach it.”
- Salvador Dalí

No one comes with a beginners guide to life. In fact, you never leave our “beginner” status behind. You are learning every moment, every day. Then where does this expectation of being perfect come from? It is being thrust upon you by imperfect beings. That is the irony. It is easy to be in a group against a single individual or behind a keyboard and pointing out mistakes. But it takes real effort and maturity to appreciate someone. Look at your achievements before you criticise someone’s hard work. What might be a simple mistake might be a silly overlook and you make them pay more than what they deserve. Look at them, they are just another imperfect being like you.

It is okay to lack in something. Make up for that in something else. The World is what it is because of all the imperfections that exist. Otherwise, life would be rather monotonous. Let it not be. Embrace your imperfections and accept them as a part of you. Live with them. Do not let them be a burden. Focus more on what you are good at. Shine in those areas if your life. But never be afraid to be imperfect. Those who have eyes will see. Others don’t matter. You cannot and should not please everyone in your life.

Choose carefully. Trying to please everyone might reduce the care and attention someone deserves from you. Distribute more love among few rather than less love among more. Be good to people who wronged you, be great to the people you care for, but be everything to the people who care for you. Your time is what you can give if nothing more. They are the people who accept you with all your imperfections. Everyone else wants you to change to suit their needs. But there are at least one or two who care for you being imperfect.

Being imperfect gives you chance to improve every day. There is nothing to be done on something that is perfect. So unless you think you are perfect, keep working on yourself. You are your own masterpiece. Make yourself into something which you can admire and later expect others to admire. Tower of Pisa, considered to be one of the seven wonders of the medieval period, is imperfect, then why shouldn’t you be?