My Everyone’s life story

First of all, sincere thanks to my friend Kiran for sharing this video with me. This has become one of my most favorite ones because I can relate to it very much. This is been practically my life since college time. I was okay till I joined my Engineering. Always finishing things on time and never putting off for tomorrow. But gradually, like many others, I entered the world of procrastination.

It all started there

Once I got the taste of hostel life, everything changed for me. There are so many distractions when you are on your own and the general environment is not very productive. I still remember how we used to prepare for exams, project report and lab reports. It was always a last minute thing for us, but somehow it all happened and four years of hustle and bustle leading to our graduation was fun.

No deadline problem

But few habits stayed on. Procrastination was one of them. Mostly for the stuff where there was no deadline, as said in the video. For this reason work went well, but personal goals stayed as goals without them becoming real. This was because there was no deadline for these goals. No one was holding you accountable for these goals and hence slowly you let them slip by. If I look back at the backlog of side projects I had started and left behind, there is a good number for a product company to sustain their business for a long time! All these could’ve been my creations, but I had not put a deadline on them. And guess what happened? They are all still work in progress. Sad but true.

Perfection kills creation

Everyone wants to be perfect. Especially when it comes to creating things. During the creative phase, we end up striving for perfection and as a result we sometimes never start. You start with a project and go behind articles and video trying to find out the most perfect way to do. For a tech guy like me, it might be using the right JavaScript framework, or implementing SOLID principles or Repository Patter etc. But when it comes down to building a product or something, this really does not matter in the initial phase. Having something to show for your work is important. Making it the absolute best comes second. When you see the potential in your work, then go and improve it.

So, how to fight it?

That right there is the mistake. Trying to fight procrastination is something that isn’t gonna work. Important thing is to realise that you are procrastinating. Somewhere in between watching those tonnes of YouTube videos, if the realisation sets in that you are wasting time, that is your cue. Write down your tasks for the day and try accomplishing a small chunk of them. When you feel like procrastinating, let yourself go through the phase. Sit back and let that feeling slowly disappear.

Another way to work around procrastination is to race against time. When you are working on something set your timer for a streak of say half an hour to one hour and try to accomplish as much as possible in that time. Take breaks and reward yourself in between. This was your mind is focused and you get things done in smaller chunks.

Have someone accountable for your tasks. Tell a friend or relative to keep a tab over your accomplishment and make sure they push you when required. This is very helpful as commitment to a second person makes you do it. You cannot cheat them the way you cheat yourself. So you end up doing it for their sake at the least.

Just do it

At the end of the day, think about how important it is for you to get things done to reach your goals. This thought has to bring you back in action even though it is really difficult to fight against procrastination. But as said you will do things. Maybe at the last minute, but still you will. So get off that couch and get things done right now! I mean not “right now” right now :wink: