This post might piss of a few of you, but then, we’ll agree to disagree.

First time I ever heard of Ironman was when years back I got a comic from somewhere which had one story from Ironman series. It was something like he saves a Boeing 747 from crashing and all that. Wasn’t really impressed since I had no idea who ironman was. Fast forward few years to my college days, circa 2008.

Saturday morning and I was aimlessly walking around when I saw there was a movie playing in my friend’s room. It was Ironman. I did not know who the actor was at the time and didn’t think much of the movie. But once I saw the movie again, few years later, I was completely in awe. It was not the story or the action or anything, but maybe the way Downey Jr. carried the character.

What makes him different is that he might seem a little self centered. But in reality, he is just being a human as well. Little selfish here and there, But completely selfless other times (last scene of Avengers maybe?) but thats okay because:

“Genius, Billionaire, Playboy, Philanthropist”

That there says it. He can because he can.

He is cool

We all know somewhere we wish to be like Tony Stark. He is stylish with perfect suit and a good eye for design. The Ironman suits look awesome. His attitude is different from most of the superheroes and he is very smart. Think who did most of the work in Avengers. Though he might appear being playful and not serious, we see the transition happen as the series moves on. Playboy becomes a one woman man, one who doesn’t play well with others becomes a team player.

No hiding behind a mask

While most of the superheroes have an alter ego and a few close one’s who know their secret identity, Ironman doesn’t care about all that. He has no problem proclaiming himself as the man in the iron suit. Yeah this might have caused him some problems, but at least he doesn’t have to spend time and effort in trying to hide his identity and in turn damaging relationships like few other heroes have done.

“I am Ironman”

In short, he is cool and ready to take in anything that comes his way as a side effect of being the Ironman. This gives him more freedom to move around and work on his stuff - saving the world.

Man with a plan

He doesn’t get into moral questioning while doing a job. Whereas other heroes have their conscience weight upon their decisions, Ironman does what needs to be done. Bad guys are just bad guys for him. If he is in your team, he has a plan. Maybe he might put himself and you in danger, but still it all works out in the end.

Humour and sarcasm

He is the one guy who takes humour and sarcasm to a different level. Not sure how interesting Avengers conversations would’ve been if he wasn’t there. Downey Jr. has added a charismatic charm to the character. Where all of the other superheroes are usually serious, there is this guy who plays around and kind of irritates everyone around him. But he also knows how to behave well with his lady.

Team player

Though there was an initial friction between Captain America and Tony Stark, he turns out to be a really good team player when that is needed. Yes he says he doesn’t play well with others and doesn’t take BS, but he is ready to be a follower and let Cap lead the way. Not to say he did all the heavy lifting for the team. At the end of the first Avengers movie, he wasn’t hesitating to carry a nuke all the way to the portal. “Son of a Gun” - Captain.

Black Sabbath

Black Sabbath have written a song about him. That’s it. Beat this!