So, I am back to writing again. Plan is to write everyday. I love writing because it is a way out for me to express and release whatever is there in my mind. But more than anything, it is fun. It is awesome when people read what you have written and give their comments and opinions. It feels nice when there are people out there who are interested to read what you have written.

It’s easier than ever

Few years ago, it was really difficult to be a writer. Getting your articles out there was not easy. You had to get a draft print, find a publisher and get it published. All this involved a lot of time and money. But these days it is as simple as turning on your computer and typing what you want publishing them online with zero cost. Platforms like WordPress, Medium, Tumblr, Leanpub etc have made it easy for even a common man to publish what he really wants to.

Publishing is one thing but reaching your target audience was such a difficult thing as you are getting started. But now since the age of social media, this is just a cakewalk. Today the world has shrunk so much that it is no more difficult to reach someone on the other side of the world than to reach someone in the next street. You might be knowing a person really well whom you have never met and who stays thousands of miles away but you might not know the guy living next door. Such is the way technology has revolutionized writing and publishing.

Taking the plunge

Unlike many of us think, writing is not something that only experts or trained individuals do, everybody can write. It all starts by just putting out your thoughts and feelings out there or talking about your passion. Your passion might be programming, then write about it. If it is music, then write about it. You’ll find that there are people who share your views or even oppose your views. You’ll feel good when you start a discussion and see others willingly be a part of it. It might be scary in the beginning. You might be embarrassed thinking that you are a very poor writer and what others might think about what you write. Trust me, unless you put it out there, you’ll never know.

Taking feedback

Now, whenever you try doing something, it is very natural that all others suddenly become experts in the matter and try giving feedback to what you have written. This can range from”Awesome article” to “What a stupid piece of sh***”. But never let any of these comments get you or discourage you from writing. Unless you are targeting someone and publicly writing some offending stuff, you should no care too much. Your writing style might not be perfect, but you’ll improve. Improvement happens only through practice and nothing else. Practice daily. Keep writing. Feedback will be there and people might hate your work, but your work is your own. Write for yourself and feel a sense of achievement when you write an article.

Looking for ideas

The greatest roadblock is when you do not know what to write about. Don’t start with very complex topics or things that are out of your expertise. Start with basics, the things that you care about or are passionate about. Take a topic which you think you can write enough t make an article. Might be a thought that came to your mind when you were taking your morning walk. Or maybe you read something that inspired you to write something. A good way to find ideas is to read other blogs and articles. Reading always gives you a chance to create your own thoughts about the subject. Write a post about how you agree or disagree with the writer. Add your points or give your suggestions. Take a current event and write your opinion about it. There are always ways to find inspiration.

Keep going

Once you being, don’t give too much thought to how you are writing, just write. You can edit it later. There is a high chance to procrastinate and sometimes give up. But know when you are deviating and get back on track immediately. If you force yourself to write for a few days, it turns to a habit and you cannot not write. Once you start writing, you can focus more on the quality of your article. You can give more effort in generating content that are really meaningful and you might even start publishing for others.

So if you wish to start writing, start now. Write 500 words. Let it be about anything. Just write. Everyday!