Ever since humans became sane social beings, there has been a constant evolution in life. Changes are inevitable in life. For life to move forward, we go through changes. Sometimes these changes may be out of your comfort zone and freak you out. But that’s just how it is.

Everything happens for a reason. Sometimes change is required due to that reason. Sometimes change is unpleasant. But in the end, it’s all for good.

Having goals in life and positioning yourself in a way you achieve them may need a change in your lifestyle. It’s hard to accept change because we tend to fall into this circle of life where everything is so comfortable that you do not want to be on the hot seat. It is really a question of perception, deal with the changes or feel miserable about it. Your hardest times often lead to the greatest moments of your life.

Change is inevitable, change is constant.
- Benjamin Disraeli

Nothing lasts for ever

This might either make you happy of very sad - Nothing lasts for ever! Your current circumstances will change. Things around you change. Change is often a sign of progress and progress is good even if it doesn’t seem so at the time. With any change you might be either pushed or pulled out of comfort zone and when you are pulled out of the comfort zone, you start feeling insecure.

Change makes things interesting

Imagine a life with everything happening the way it was happening before. It would be monotonous and pretty much boring. Little ups and downs in life is what keeps it interesting. Interesting here is completely based on perspective. Some people love the adrenalin rush of being challenged and in turn look for situations that aren’t in their comfort zone. Change is what breaks you out of your regular routine and gives you something to work on.

A change might well lead you to new opportunities. I was inspired by YouTuber Matthew Santoro’s story where he was fired from an accounting job and this in turn helped in to find his passion of video making and taking it to the next level. Today, making YouTube videos is his full time job. Change sometimes takes away the ‘good’ and replaces it with the ‘great’.

If a situation seems to be difficult, it makes you try new avenues and who knows you might find your calling. Finding purpose does not happen on it’s own, it happens when something forces you to look for it.

It’s okay to freak out

Now all that being said, it’s okay to freak out when things change. We like things a certain way and we want them to stay that way. That is human nature. But what we need to realise is that, we have been through changes before. It is a passing phase, you will go through it. Tomorrow has to come, today does not last for eternity.

So, if you are feeling all worried about the changes you are going through, that’s okay. Just focus on what you need to do at that moment and do it. Worrying is not going to solve your problem, but action is.

Roll with the changes

Go on, enjoy the change! Look at all the good that comes out of it and move on. Don’t consider change to bad, sometimes for great things to come, good things move out.

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