“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.”

  • Anaïs Nin

I have been listening to the Seanwes podcast for almost over a month now. One of the things that I have taken upon myself as an inspiration from the show is to write everyday. Since early days of my life, I was really into reading. As internet wasn’t around during those days, books were the medium through which I tried to learn things. Be it fiction or be it general knowledge, I read them all.

This was just me taking in all the information, but I had some thoughts and ideas too. I had no way to channel them and put them out there. One way to do this was to write. Except for the short journals that I kept at the time, I had no other regular writing. In school I used to take part in essay writing and creative writing, but other than that, nothing.

It was a few years ago that I was introduced to blogging. I instantly got hooked up. I finally found a way to write things and put them out. But it was an on and off affair. Though I loved wirting, I found excuses not to publish posts.

I had a wordpress blog with more draft posts than published ones. But now I have made it a point to write at least a few words everyday (around 500 to start with). Once you do something for a while it becomes your habit and I am going to make it a part of my daily routine.

It is a commitment

There is not limit to how much you can write. As long as you have a blog or a place where you put out your thoughts, you can write as much as you want. But that being said, it needs a good amount of commitment to keep writing everyday. There are those days where you just aren’t feeling like you have anything to write.

But there are always topics to write which you can find here, thanks to Sean McCabe. Look through the list and just keep writing, don’t worry about the quality of the post. You can always edit later on. If you start, you can improve along the way, but you cannot improve what you haven’t start.

Takes a lot to show up everyday

Doing something everyday isn’t easy. It is much harder than it appears to be. There are always things that turn up unexpectedly. Each day is different from the day before, so circumstances might arise where your writing takes a back seat. But like taking daily shower or eating 3-4 times a day, you have to keep it going. If you have alotted a time for writing, do nothing but write during that time. After few days of delibrate practice, you will not be able to not write during that time of the day.

You get to learn

Writing makes you think outside of your normal life activities. It makes you think beyond. When I sit down to write something that is not a part of my regular routine, I sit and think about it. This is a good excercise for your brain and makes you look at things in a different way. Writing helps makes curious about things.

To write some of my articles, I might go on a short research on the internet. This often lands me with new information and I get to learn new stuff. So, the more I write, the more I learn. This is been happening ever since I have started writing daily.

You find your voice

Writing isn’t just for writers. It is not just for the best selling authors out there. You can write too. Some people think writing is boring, but trust me, the fun starts when you are trying to put your thoughts out for the world to see. The more you write, more you are aware of your thoughts and it might even lead you to something that you want to do in your life but never realised before.

If nothing, write something about your life, I am sure there will be something worth writing there :wink: