Log into Facebook and you see updates from your friends. A lot of them. Some of them sharing a funny video, others life lessons and quotes and a bunch of them sharing selfies from halfway across the world. Sitting at your workstation or at home you are instanly going through emotions - memories, imagination etc. Does their life look more colourful than yours? Are they visiting places you always wanted to? Wow, there’s a picture of him doing skydiving, which.. I.. always wanted to do.

You see them happy enjoying life and feel good for them, but then, suddenly you start feeling down. You look at where you are in life and try to compare it with their life. You both were in the same situation and place at some point in life, but now they have moved on and achieved great things and travelled places whereas you have no such achievements to talk about or post on social media.

You feel that you haven’t done much. They have their instagram posts filled with the European tour photos and all you have is a bunch of pictures of yourself with your cat (or dog :wink:). You start wondering where it went wrong and why don’t you have everything though you deserve everything that they have. You are much better than them in every aspect. But luck seems to be fair only to them.

Although we had great plans for our future, sometimes things work out differently. All these are results of the decisions that you have taken in the past. But that does not mean you have to regret anything. At any moment, you only did what you wanted to do at that moment. This might sound crazy, but what life ends up being, is a cumulative effect of all your decisions.

Don’t compare your beginning to someone else’s middle
- Jon Acuff

You are alive

If nothing, you should be happy that you are alive. In a world of over 7 billion people, 1.80 die every second. So looking at that number, appreciate the fact that you are still alive. More than anything in this universe, being born in this wonderful planet as a human being is the greatest thing that could have ever happened to you.

This is a fact we seldom appreciate. We are so busy with the little problems in our life that we don’t stand back and appreciate how wonderful this world is. So, if you are feeling down, take a deep breath, go out and take a walk. Look at all the things that you see on the road and around you. Appreciate that you have a place you call home, a planet that gives you all support to live your life.

A day more to live is the greatest gift, make most of it.

All things must pass

Nothing is here to stay forever. be it situations, things or people. Everything changes and that is the truth. Being in a bad situation may feel like end of everything, but if you hang in there, things will and definitely will change tomorrow. Sometimes, it’s just a matter of waiting and letting go. Sometimes it might just take some effort from your end to move over.

Whatever it be, understand that everything is temporary and nothing stays for ever. This is a universal truth and applies for every situation. Accept it and understand that sadness is just a passing phase. If you aren’t where youwanted to be in life, it isn’t gonna stay that way forever and you get to decide where you want to be.

Whenever you feel down, accept that it is a passing phase and let it go. It’s like dreading exams in school. You know you had to go through them, but eventually you came out fine. Life is just a bigger version of it.

Worrying doesn’t change a thing

Worrying about something is not going to make a difference in your life or circumstances. In fact it only worsens it. Most of the problems we face in life is a result of over-thinking. Our thoughts create problems that don’t even exist in reality. Our mind makes it real and we end up being depressed.

If you are in a situation which you do not want to be in, make efforts to come out of it. Understand that your action should be to place yourself back in comfort and worrying does not help at any level. It is okay to feel bad and take a little bit of time to gather yourself, but that should no prolong.

Clay, fire, bricks

Life is a lesson, pay attention. Every bad situation and experience only makes you more stronger and capable. Everything prepares you to live your life better. The people who come on top are usually battle-hardened veterans with taste of failure down their throat. This is like fire turning clay into bricks.

Everything that looks like overnight success, took years of failures, frustration and pain. But let that not discourage you, when you are working for your passion, you do not feel that pain. You enjoy it. People you admire today and follow on social media thinking “what a life”, are the people who were nothing yesterday. When you listen to their story you think, “well, I could’ve done that”. But you didn’t and they did.

They have one quality that apparently you have not explored yet. That is perseverance. Sticking on and not giving up even when things seem to be going against you. Persevering through problems and getting to the other side is what makes them stand out.

It’s never late

I am sure many times you would’ve felt like its too late for you to do something. We hear and think the phrase “only if I knew this when I was fifteen (or nineteen)”. But the fact is, however old you think you are, making a difference isn’t dependent on the age. It is all about whether you have what it takes to succeed. So if you had a dream to visit some country and work there, keep trying until you reach there.

Giving up because you are old is not an excuse at all. There are many people who have achieved great things later in life. Every day is an opportunity, be it when you are fifteen or seventy-five. Let your age not be a barrier for you to do things that you want to. Remember the only thing standing in between you and success is you and your will to do things.

There are so many people who have tasted success in their life well past their prime. Colonel Sanders became a successful businessman with KFC at the age of around sixty-five. Harrison Ford found his calling as an actor at thirty-five with his role as Han Solo in the Star Wars franchise. So it’s never late. Ever.

Only human

After all, you’re only human. No you are not a superhero with powers. Like the seven billion others, you are flesh, bones and muscles. So if there are things which are not working out for you, understand that this is how human life is. There are uncertainties and failures all the while. But what makes someone different is the way they handle difficult situations and come up successful.

For some people, they get what you want at the first shot. They are confident and are prepared to succeed. For others with less confidence and preparation, it takes longer. Give yourself credit for surviving. Being a human is not easy, you have a lot of commitments. To yourself, to life, to loved ones. You are taking care of it and you deserve a pat on the back for it.

Accept yourself

Everyone is unique. How much ever you might think someone is better than you in something, there are things which are very unique to yourself. Your skills and your abilities are only yours. The life experiences are only yours. If you are looking for others to accept you, you need to accept yourself firstly. Make the life choices that you want to make and not wait for social validation.

You don’t need anyone to come and tell you that you are great. That is something that you already know. You just need to believe in it and others will naturally see your greatness. Believe in yourself and continue to improve on your strengths. Don’t focus on weaknesses, accept them as a part of you.

You may think that you have many shortcomings, physically and mentally. But always there is someone who might have thought they are inferior compared to you. They might have wanted to be like you. So, you deserve some respect from yourself first. Excel in your passion, nobody will talk about what you lack as they’ll see only what you good at.

Learn. Learn more.

Instead of worrying and cribbing that you are not good enough, spend that time in learning and making yourself ready for your future. What you do today will decide where you are tomorrow. So everything that you learn, will be useful tomorrow. If you are expecting the quality of your life to go up, be that person who you want to be today.

Don’t wait for something to change. Make the change yourself. Prepare yourself everyday to reach that goal in your life. Education is not just for schools and colleges. You can be a beginner and a student the whole life if you put your mind to it.

Be in the present

Had you worried about your present in the past, your today would’ve been wonderful. Don’t think about past events or worry about future. Those are the things you cannot control. Be in the present and invest yourself in walking towards your goal.

Evey thing that will happen in your future will be dependent on what you do at this moment in your life, so make it count. You time now is worth what you would make everyday in the next five years. Instead of wandering in the past and future, regretting things or feeling anxious, do something that will make your future what you wanted to be.

Every small thing you do today should be in a direction of your goal and continue that journey everyday. Don’t give yourself time to think about past or future. Hustle. Keep yourself so focused in the present that you have no way but to get things done for tomorrow.

Baby steps

As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. You have a goal, a big goal. No, a really big goal! It might seem like a far fetched effort from where you are sitting right now. But, break it down to small chunks which you can achieve on a daily or a monthly basis. Each of these small achievement should be aligned to your end goal.

It is easy to get overwhelmed by big goals in life. But give yourself smaller tasks to do everyday and you will see how it all adds up in the end. You take things one at a time. Fix one thing after the other.

Be happy

Be happy intentionally. Being happy is a state of mind. Maybe things are not going so great in your life. So what, there are few things that no one else has which you have. Make it a practice to be happy. Keep a watch over your feelings throughout the day and whenever you feel down, do something that will make you feel happy. Play music, listen to your favourite track.

Remind yourself how good you are and of all the achievements in your life. Think about the time when someone appreciated you, someone said that they love you. Or just sit and watch a comedy channel that will make you laugh out loud. Do anything that might change your mood.

Being happy helps you in thinking clearly. You cannot do any good work by being sad or frustrated.


It all comes down to be grateful about everything in life. Everyday, take a moment to thank for all the small and big things you have. Gratitude is the only way to bring more into yourself. The more grateful you are the more you are motivated to get more.

For someone who isn’t satisfied with anything, finding motivation is a difficult thing. Whatever good happens to them, it is difficult for them to feel happy and excited for it. So wherever you are at this moment, understand that you were meant to be there because of your past actions. If you want things differently, just change how you do things and align all your actions towards your goals.

Remember, as you are looking up at a friend’s (or enemy’s :wink:) profile envying all they have, someone is looking at yours and doing the same. Life’s great. Paint your picture.