Okay, I am not a political guy, neither have too much interest in speaking politics. But recently whatever has happened, is something that I cannot let pass without saying a word or two. So this post might be a bit out of my norm and my comfort zone, but I gotta give it a try.

I am a fan of The United States of America. I don’t think any country has had more impact on the history and evolution of the world than the USA. I am also proudly working for a US corporation and have always been grateful for that opportunity. I grew up reading American history. By the time I was around 12, I could answer any trivia about American Space Race or the Presidents of United States.

I was fascinated by a nation that fought for her independence and later progressed to become the superpower of the world. With fascination, I read about the American Revolutionary War and the values on which the new nation was built. The founding fathers and the Declaration of Independence, the Civil War, the revolution in music and arts - the country has a lot to her name.

But recent events have put me in a state of shock, to be honest. I know many Americans through my work and otherwise and few of them are my friends as well. I know that they are genuinely good people. But I am saddened to know that more than half of the nation has chosen to be completely numb. How can the majority of the citizens of a powerful nation be so insensitive as to even allow a person who is a blatant racist and misogynist to be a President-Elect?

Seriously America, are you kidding me? Where is your common sense for heaven’s sake? You elected a man who KKK has endorsed? I am sorry but it does not seem like an election where anything mattered other than blatantly displaying hatred and arrogance. It is really hard for me to comprehend that any nation would let a man like Trump be even considered for candidacy let alone be the fricking President Elect. Holy Shit! (yes with a capital ‘S’).

Trust me I am not a fan of Hillary either, but how hard was the choice to make? A guy who says “Grab them by their pu**y” about women and gropes any woman he can lay his hands on and also made stupid comments on his own daughter, that is your choice? A man who has no respect race, gender, religion, LGBT community? This is the man you chose to lead your nation and also influence the future of the world as we know today?

I think you have screwed up and trust me I am not feeling good about this. You have had some good Presidents some bad ones, but this time, you have made a big mistake. You might argue that he can bring about a change and he is qualified enough but frankly, this feels like giving a gun to the hands of a kid who grew up playing nothing but GTA. Forget everything else, but why would you want a man who is so openly disrespectful of human beings? Who thinks women are just objects for his physical gratification?

Do you really think that building a wall or driving out any particular community is the answer to the problems you face now? Where is your power of reasoning? You have given him the most powerful office in the whole world to play his games with. I am not an American citizen, nor do I reside in the USA. But my feelings are purely based on love and care for humanity. I might be thousands of miles away, but I am can only imagine what might the future hold for a country who has done the unthinkable. I sincerely thought Trump’s election campaign and this whole notion of “Trump for President” was a joke. But now it has turned to a miserable nightmare.

If you still feel the choice was right, just think of this, if you had a daughter who was stranded late night and had just two numbers on her phone to call for help - Hillary’s and Trump’s. Who would you rather wish she calls for help?

I know this wasn’t everybody’s choice, but most of you chose this. I know genuinely good Americans and I feel sorry for them. I am sorry America, I feel sorry for you.